$26k annual savings with outsourced helpdesk

Lack of in-house specialists causing key team members to be pulled away from their regular roles.

Downtime is minimized significantly when help can be dispatched immediately, instead of responding in a matter of hours. Employees are unproductive when they are unable to work and companies lose money with each passing minute; this problem is mitigated or avoided with outsourced helpdesk support.

The Challenge

A national IT services client lacked an in-house desktop support specialist, instead utilizing several employees simply wearing multiple hats. With key team members being pulled away from their regular roles for spot support, the ticket backlog began to build and productivity decreased.

The Plan

Through the implementation of Spiceworks, our helpdesk specialists were able to immediately start reducing the number of open tickets. This streamlined communication system provided users with ticket tracking and updates on issues, and documentation of solutions to be used as a knowledgebase. With a formal ticketing system and knowledge center, tickets could be responded to immediately with efficient transaction times.

The Results

Outsourcing helpdesk and systems support instead of internal hiring saved the company around $26k in overhead. With upgrades being handled consistently, ticket submittals were reduced by 68% overall. The employees were able to get more done due to effective equipment with little-to-no downtime.

case study success story business solution
Reducing overhead and open tickets by providing a team of specialists ready to respond.
93% of Users
wished their service desk was more efficient
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Did You Know?

There are 3.26 billion internet users as at December 2015—over 40% of the world population.

I am convinced Technology Partners and their team were able to save Enterprise millions of dollars on hardware upgrades.

Rick Butler, Senior Manager, Database Management of Enterprise Rent-a-Car

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