Asset management for enhanced IT environment

Lacking a dedicated internal helpdesk resource, our client needed a consistent support option.

Having someone on-call for all of the technical issues that seem to arise out of nowhere (and at the worst possible times) is crucial to the ongoing operation of your firm-–that much is common sense. How you approach desktop support, however, might be a slightly more complicated matter to sort through.

The Challenge

Our client lacked a dedicated internal technical support resource to effectively manage their systems, inventory, and technology. The productivity issues caused by outdated software and slow systems, and the money wasted on unnecessary or redundant equipment, left them looking outside for help.

The Plan

Technology Partners came into the project looking to eliminate waste, increase productivity, and implement accurate inventory tracking. By evaluating the technical needs of each user, ensuring their computers were installed with the right software and programs were up-to-date, Technology Partners set out to save the client significant time and money.

The Results

The implementation of an inventory management system allowed the client to get an accurate picture of what existing hardware needed to be upgraded or replaced. Users experienced a significant increase in productivity due to properly tuned computers, and consistency across upgrades and maintenance led to 40% less downtime.

case study success story business solution
Over 40% less downtime experienced by client.
42% of Businesses
see a reduction in IT costs when outsourcing support
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Did You Know?

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

Technology Partners actually made us a better organization with the web solution they delivered, and that kind of expertise is hard to come by.

Eric Greitens, Founder and CEO of The Mission Continues

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